DÁFNI Greek Cracked Green Olives

These olives are the Amfissa variety and are grown in Delphi, Greece. They are handpicked in October and the cracking of the olives is an ancient recipe. Made in our fresh lemon juice brine containing only 170 mg of sodium, they are crunchy, medium in size and have slightly sweet and bitter flavors. Excellent for dirty martinis, salads, and green tapenades.

Add them to beef or pork stew, or serve as a simple hors d’oeuvre seasoned with lemon wedges, garlic, hot pepper flakes, and fresh coriander.

If you noticed carbonation or "bubbling" when you open your jar of olives, this is due to the citric acid from the fresh lemons, they are still fine to eat. This may cause the lid to rise, which is normal, as our olives are not vacuum sealed. Refrigerate the olives before and after opening. Our olive oil in the jar will harden when cooled, and come back to its natural state at room temperature.

We Do not grant refunds or replace jars for complaints regarding carbonation.
This not harmful, but a naturally occurring process.


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