DÁFNI Wild Greek Mountain Tea

The scientific name of this romantic looking perennial is Sideritis Syriaca (Ironwort) and it is a member of the mint family.

Lakonía Greek Products brings you this tea 100% organic and unrefined, without any added ingredients, colorings, or flavorings. Since the tea is in its natural state, it is packed with all of the oils, extracts, and antioxidants that most teas loose while being processed. The plant is harvested as it begins to bloom and has reached its peak oil content. Oil is responsible for the drink’s distinct flavor and proven medicinal value.

This tea has a sweet, floral and earthy taste with an aroma that is unforgettable. It is extremely popular in Greece because of its substantial health benefits, especially during the winter when colds, aches and pains increase.

It's good for you

Greek Mountain Tea

This tea has a sweet, floral and earthy taste with an aroma that is unforgettable. It is extremely popular in Greece because of its substantial health benefits, especially during the winter when colds, aches and pains increase. The health benefits of Greek Mountain Tea are acknowledged worldwide by doctors, scientists, and researchers.

Recent studies indicate that it assists in the prevention of osteoporosis and even cancer. Research confirms that this tea has a positive effect on a myriad of different ailments including colds, fevers, respiratory problems, digestion problems, and anxiety. The tea is also traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial.

Our Yiayia claimed the magical tea was a “cure all."

DÁFNI Wild Greek Mountain Tea

Suggested Use


Quantity and Steep Times

Break off 6-8 pieces of the stalk (about two inches long, including the flowers, leaves, and stems 1 and 1/2 cups of boiling water for about 5-10 minutes. If you prefer to pour the boiling water over the tea verses letting it simmer, then let it steep for 10-15 minutes.


Pour and Enjoy

Strain into your favorite tea cup and enjoy!
The tea can be reused because of its high potency.
This is a very versatile tea, perfect for all occasions. It makes an ideal breakfast tea, as well as a soothing bedtime tea. On a hot day, serve over ice for a cold, refreshing treat.


Other Suggestions

You may add Lakonía Greek honey and fresh lemon slices to your liking.
 We also recommend serving this tasty tea with Lakonía Greek Kalamata Olives, feta cheese, and crusty bread.
As soon as you start feeling sick, drink 2-3 cups a day to boost your immune system.

A myriad of health benefits

9 Common Benefits of Wild Greek Mountain Tea

  • Antibacterial, Anti-fungal, & Antimicrobial
  • Full of Flavonoids and Antioxidants
  • Reduces anxiety and helps with sleep
  • May help aid digestion
  • Loaded with Catechin, EGCg
  • Caffeine free
  • May help relieve cold symptoms
  • Fortifies the Immune System
  • No known drug interaction, side effects or contraindications.

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DÁFNI Wild Greek Oregano

Most herb lovers agree that Wild Greek Oregano is the most flavorful, and arguably the best oregano in the world. A member of the mint family, Wild Greek Oregano is a robust and distinctive herb used in sauces and marinades since ancient times. Its leaves contain more oil glands than ordinary oregano giving it the potent and pungent flavor of the Mediterranean.

This wild herb grows abundantly on Mt. Taygetos, the highest mountain in Lakonía, Greece. Its name means "Joy of the mountain". The Greek name origanon refers to oros “mountain”, and the verb ganousthai “delight in”, because oregano prefers the higher altitudes of the Mediterranean climate.

The moment you smell this potent Mediterranean herb you will understand that when you cook with Lakonía Greek Products you are cooking with products of the highest quality available on the market.

DÁFNI Wild Bay Leaves
Bay leaves are a crucial part of Greek cuisine and are used in cooking for their distinctive fragrance and flavor. They are commonly used in fish dishes, meats, vegetables, soups, stews, marinades, sauces and even custards. Laurel trees grow wild on the mountainsides around our family groves, so we are able to handpick and select every single bay leaf, guaranteeing one of the highest quality products on the market. After picking, the leaves are air dried and shipped to us as they attain peak flavor. Proper drying is essential. The fragrance of dried bay leaves is slightly floral and herbal, somewhat similar to thyme and oregano.

Laurel trees that grow wild have significantly higher essential oil content than cultivated trees. An average whole bay leaf contains approximately 2% essential oil, and DÁFNI Bay Leaves boast an impressive 7.5%. For this reason they are extremely potent and you will certainly notice the difference when you inhale their intense aroma.